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Showcase Model love handcrafted wooden toys, which is why we are in the business. Wooden airplane Model in particular are incredibly safe, durable, beautiful, and nostalgic. Wooden airplane model have a variety of hues and grains and feel good to the touch.

Also, hand-carved wooden plane Model render many years of play for you, your children, and grandchildren, but with proper care. Proper care will surely help you enjoy your handmade wooden plane Model for generations.

A basic cleaning solution of mild soap such as dishwashing liquid and water or vinegar and water will keep your model planes.
Avoid abrasive cleaners as well as bleach and detergents which can dry out the wood, lead to cracks, and lighten the surface of the wood.
Use a damp cloth or sponge to wipe it clean, and a dry one to take the extra moisture out.
Do not drench or submerge wood in water.
Wood needs moisture so it will not dry out, warp, or crack. Apply natural oil or wax such as beeswax or plain mineral oil.
Quality of wooden plane models is affected by heat and humidity. Do not leave the airplane model outdoors overnight or throughout the day to prevent from swelling or breakage.

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